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Please sign the Petition to Impeach Associate Judge Beth Poulos..

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Wendy Archer Speaks out on her Tarrant County Family Court Case...

Death would be easier than a Divorce in the Tarrant County Family Courts of Fort Worth, Texas

It is off the Charts Shocking what is allowed to go on in the Tarrant County Family Courts....
Please attend Tarrant County Family Court Hearing to see this... It is literally SHOCKING!!

Multimillion Dollar Estate… Completely Destroyed by the 324 Tarrant County Family Court and my Own Family Attorney… Left Traumatized in Shock and and Launched into Poverty…

Multimillion Dollar Estate
19 year marriage
Southlake Texas Family

SEVERE Spousal Abuse and SEVERE Child Abuse

Completely destroyed by the 324 Tarrant County Family Courts and my own Attorney…

I went through 6 Family Attorneys trying to battle against the SEVERE Fraud and Corruption allowed in my 324 Tarrant County Family Court Divorce.

I filed for this Divorce because my spouse shared his corporate corruption projects with me then death threatened me that if I expose him then he would be coming after me and there is nothing anyone can do to stop him. I had to seek advice from an SEC Attorney in Dallas who agreed to help me and suggested to go into the witness Protection Program…

During our Divorce Process my spouse was named in Corporate Lawsuits for committing Fraud …

I had people coming to my home trying to track down my spouse for his Corporate activities …. I had people calling my cell phone trying to track down my spouse..

Onset of my Divorce Process, I was SEVERELY abused and Tortured by Associate Judge Beth PouIos. I was Court Ordered out of our Family Home with Custody of my Daughter on no financial support, no child support and no access to my Community Property to lease an apartment leaving me homeless for several months unable to qualify for an apartment

Associate Judge Poulos granted that my spouse be out Court Appointed Receiver and control our entire multimillion Dollar Estate. No accountability was required of my spouse. No Sworn Inventory, No tax Returns and No financial Statements. This is normally a violation of the Texas Laws on Receivership section 64.002 which prohibits Judges from Appointing a “Party to the Same Suit” to be the Court Appointed Receiver, however, in my Divorce Case, my spouse was allowed to be our Court Appointed Receiver by the Associate Judge.

No Tax Returns or any Financial Statements were allowed at any time during my Divorce Process which is actually a violation of Tarrant County Family Court Procedures agreed to and signed by the District Judge. However, in my Case no Financials were ever allowed in any Court Hearings.

My spouse diverted ALL of our Financial Statements to his Dallas Office so I had NO access to our Financial Statements. All my mail was also diverted to my spouse’s Dallas Office. His Attorneys would use my Bank Statements and my credit card statements in their Court Hearings that were sent to my Spouse’s Dallas Office. I have my credit report to evidence this. However, it was not allowed in Court Hearings.

My spouse pulled my credit report to cancel my credit cards and drain my Bank Account. He opened new Bank Accounts and transferred ALL of our money out of Wells Fargo and over to his new Bank Accounts. He completely drained my Fidelity Account. My Forensic CPA found that my spouse forged my signature on my son’s Fidelity Account to completely drain my son’s College fund. My spouse cashed in on our Life Insurance Policies and deposited these funds in his new Bank Account. My spouse was allowed to open a New Brokerage Account linked to our 401K fund and drain thousand and thousands of dollars out of our 401K fund for his personal use.

ALL this evidence not allowed in Court Hearings and all found by my Court Approved Forensic CPA. My Court Approved Forensic CPA was Approved by the District Judge at the onset of my Divorce Process. However, none of his evidence was allowed in ANY Court Hearings.

Upon finally being granted financial support to lease an apartment for me and my daughter, Associate Judge Beth Poulos immediately took away financial support and prohibited my use of my Community Property funds to pay any of my bills or expenses. Our utilities were shut off. We had no money for food. I was sent to collections. I had to make arrangements for my daughter to live with other Parents.

I was left to Apply for Welfare and Food Stamps BEGGING for HELP during my Divorce Process…. I was denied Welfare and Food Stamps because I was still married and our Tax Returns showed a monthly income of $28,000 per month. Judge Poulos ruled that I am prohibited to access my Community Property funds to survive on. I was launched into SEVERE poverty and SEVERE financial hardship by Associate Judge Beth Poulos.

The 324 Tarrant County Family Court allowed my spouse and his Attorneys to commit Fraud, Perjury and Criminal acts against me.

The Opposing Attorney was allowed to bribe my main witness in a private conference room outside the Court Room while Judge Poulos took a break. I was required to provide a list of my witnesses to my Family Attorneys in my Discovery Questions which was provided to the Opposing Counsel. Several of my witnesses were contacted by my spouse and threatened by my spouse.

My spouse was allowed to pull my credit and cancel my credit cards, drain my bank account and divert all my mail to his Dallas office by changing my primary address to his Dallas Office which is on my official credit report to prove this. ALL not allowed in the 324 Tarrant County Family Court.

The Opposing Attorney was allowed to meet alone in Associate Judge Poulos’s private chambers during Hearings before Hearings started and I was unable to afford an Attorney. When I requested an Attorney Judge Poulos said no. When I requested funds from my Community Property to hire an Attorney Judge Poulos said NO.

When I was able to retain Attorneys, NONE of my Attorneys Hearings or Appeals were allowed on my behalf. Associate Judge Poulos and Judge Hennigan cancelled or dismissed ALL Hearings filed by my Attorneys.

My spouse was ALLOWED full control of our entire Estate as our Court Appointed Receiver by Judge Poulos. NO accountability was required from my spouse.

I had to hire a Court Approved Forensic CPA, Approved by District Judge Hennigan. I had to pay for the Court Approved Forensic CPA who followed and traced Major Fraud and major TRO violations committed by my spouse… NONE of this evidence was allowed in Court Hearings. Associate Judge Poulos cancelled my Attorney’s Hearings, flat out refused this evidence.

My spouse and his Attorneys were ALLOWED to lie about monthly income resulting in a poverty level Child Support payment for our Daughter. Associate Judge Poulos FLAT OUT Refused to allow Tax Returns to prove monthly income of $28,000 per month. My spouse and his Attorneys were allowed to lie about monthly income and claim bankruptcy with NO supporting documentation.

Associate Judge Poulos granted custody of our 14 year old son to my spouse. While my spouse was granted custody of our 14 year old son, my spouse was giving our son $1200 – $1600 per month in allowance. Because my son has no bills or expenses he used his allowance to purchase illegal drugs from his father’s home. When I caught our son purchasing illegal drugs from two older boys from his school while at his Father’s home, I requested custody of my son for his safety. Associate Judge Poulos denied my request. I was deemed a liar, out to have my son and his friends arrested and out to harm my spouse.

My 14 year old son was allowed to continue his illegal drug purchases from his Father’s home, witnessed by my adult son and 17 year old daughter. A few months later, both boys that were at our home selling illegal drugs to our son, both died from illegal drug overdoses. I would have much rather have the boys arrested for their illegal drugs than dead.

My Spouse and his Attorneys were allowed to lie in Court Claiming that we had NO Community Property left to divide at our Prove Up Hearing on Court Transcripts and witnessed by my Attorney.

My spouse was then ALLOWED to prepare the Final Decree by District Judge Hennigan, illegally adding our Community Property and awarding ALL of our Community property to himself.

My Family Attorney promised to present my Forensic CPAs evidence of fraud, request for reimbursements of the Community Property funds my spouse spent during our Divorce of approx. $600,000 that he used on his bills and his expenses…and “Object” to the Final Decree… My spouse was also allowed to set aside $100,000 of our Community Property funds to purchase his new home before our Divorce was over…

The District Judge ALLOWED my Attorney to quit minutes before the Final Hearing began leaving me with NO Legal Representation to present my Forensic CPAs evidence of fraud as he promised for months, or request for reimbursements of aprox. $600,000 that my spouse spent using our Community Property funds to pay only his bills and only his expenses during our Divorce Process and to “Object” to the Final Decree.

I was left with nothing. I was COMPLETELY Destroyed by the 324 Tarrant County Family Courts and my own Attorney.

After I was completely destroyed by the 324 Tarrant county Family Courts and my Attorney .. left in poverty… my Family Attorney who quit on me, told me that it’s impossible to sue Attorneys. THAT I need to move on with my life..

Wendy Archer from Southlake Texas speaks out on her Tarrant County Family Court Divorce...